About us

Cross Creek Farm

Cross Creek Farm Incorporated is a Timber Frame Building Company that was started in 1985. At Cross Creek Farm we have designed, cut and erected frames of all sizes in Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The frames have varied tremendously over the years and still do today.

There have been house frames, barn frames, commercial buildings, residential additions or small outbuildings. I am always excited to take on a new challenge to design a structure from inception, or to work with a plan furnished by a client.

All the frames I build, originate in my Putney Vermont shop as they have since I started more than 25 years ago. I prefer to use as much local timber as possible in every frame while working with local sawmills in both Vermont and New Hampshire. Including operators of small portable mills. On occasion we have harvested, sawn, and erected frames for client’s with wood from their own woodlots. The experience has been extremely rewarding for those clients.

Please don’t hesitate to inquire about a project of any size. I would be happy to help in any way I can.

Andy Rockefeller